Why I love Britain

UK FlagThe current financial climate makes things tough for a lot of people, it really does.  Whilst I’m pretty right-wing on a lot of things, even I’ll admit that the current British PM is someone I could do without.  It’s tough, sometimes, to remember why Britain can be such a great place to live.

I love the visuals of the place.  I’ve never really been much of a sun, sand and sea person.  I love the sight of sweeping green valleys and countryside.  My friend Pete’s dad lived in Spain for a year and the one thing he missed the most was the colour green.  I remember thinking the same thing when I went to Rome: beautiful city with lots to see, yes, but after a few days I missed the sight of fields and trees.  I only have to head out on a train away from the city and I instantly remember how nice the countryside in Britain is.

There’s also something to be said for the humour.  It’s hard to explain to anyone unless they’ve been to America, as that offers the only real point of comparison.  Britons have a wonderfully witty form of humour – I think it comes from the same place as that famous stiff upper lip.  That brilliantly dry sense of things that takes sarcasm and goes one further.  In somewhere like America, almost everything seems to be taken literally and if you’re a sarcastic Brit it takes some doing to get used to the conversation and to say what you actually mean all the time.  I, however, love that Britishness!

I’ve read a few interviews in my time with celebrities who tour and who’ve said that British food isn’t any good.  I think what they probably mean is that it isn’t always healthy, but as far as I’m concerned that’s something entirely different!  I love traditional British grub like steak and ale pie and fish and chips, all washed down with a nice pint of real ale.  You can tell I’m from the West Country, can’t you?!

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