Why I like last minute holidays

Holiday in sandThere’s something to be said for last minute holidays.  I’ve met other bachelors who aren’t that keen on going away, figuring that if they’re in their own company then they might as well save the cash, but I actually do like holidays, especially last minute ones.   I’m usually travelling solo so I’m able to head out more or less whenever I like, as long as I can get the time off work.

For starters, last minute holidays mean you can get some really cheap prices and, often, the more last minute the booking, the bigger the reduction.  As a general rule, you should check out any hotels you’re planning to stay at before you book (otherwise you might be looking at the old ‘parachute for sale, only used once’ principle).  However, if you’re like me and you don’t like spending money where you don’t need to, then it’s definitely a good way to cut costs.

The other thing I like about doing things last minute is that I tend to end up being a bit more experimental.  The first few times I went travelling, I went to the usual places: Rome, Berlin, New York.   After a few years, however, I ended up running out of ideas.  Last minute bookings forced me to just take the plunge, without thinking too much about it.  I have ended up visiting cities I would never have considered if the holidays hadn’t been so cheap.  I only ended up going to Porto because it was a last minute booking and because I’d heard of their soccer team.  I had a great week for next to nothing!

Finally, last minute holidays often mean packages are available.  It can be a nuisance having to book several different components, but there are many sites now that will enable you to book everything together, making life much easier.

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