What I’ve learned

I make no great claims to be any sort of genius.  I have a decent job that pays me well and I’m moving into a lovely new home soon.  Once or twice, though, I’ve had a couple of people describe me as ‘lucky’.  Taking aside how daft that sounds (I’ve got a friend with a perfect marriage and two beautiful kids – now THERE’S a lucky person!), it got me thinking about things.  I guess whilst I’ve got no brilliant life compared to someone like, I don’t know, Beckham, I do have things that other people don’t.  Why?

I guess part of it comes down to hard work, which is something a lot of people don’t want to hear.  Everyone – me included – wants to believe that there’s a shortcut to everything.  That you can learn guitar in six months or that you can build a business in a week.  It would be nice, wouldn’t it?  There’s not, though.  The things in my life that other people like, such as my salary or my home, I worked hard to get.  There were a lot of lonely nights in those early days, I can tell you.

I’m also nice to people, as a general rule.  In today’s world, it almost seems like being a bit nasty here and there is considered ‘cool’, with people who are kind often being taken as being weak.  I can see where people are coming from with this, but that’s not the case.  If you’re nice to people, they’re far more likely to help you out when you need something.  Sure, there’s the odd doofus who might try to take advantage, but believe me: most people are basically alright.

I also don’t stop learning.  I remember reading something by Tony Robbins, years back, basically saying that happiness equals progress, and I think it’s true.  Many people, once they’ve got that first job, just settle back, doing enough to avoid getting into trouble but never doing enough to really be taken seriously.   I’ve always tried to build my skills, even if I struggled with something initially.  To tell you the truth, for someone who works in finance I’m not even that good at maths, but I try to add a new skill to my professional bow each month, which does make a big difference.  That’s partially why I’ve put this piece in the ‘learning’ section: never stop learning!

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