Shiva – the perfect store for fun and gifts

I was very surprised when I was walking through a London shopping centre to find a store in operation called Shiva. Upon looking through the windows, I noticed that it stocked a wide range of different bongs and legal highs. I decided to enter the shop and take a look around, as I was surprised at the legality of the store. Upon further investigation, I noticed that it stocked cannabis seeds and a whole bunch of grow your own weed equipment. This seemed strange.

One of the main elements about the store that really hit me is how good it is for gift ideas. I don’t know of any other places that sell interesting rolling tobacco and legal highs. In addition to the legal drug element, the store also stocks a wide array of sex toys, Jack Daniel’s merchandise, and hip flasks.

The main draw to my eye was the selection of hookahs available. These devices can be used to smoke flavoured tobacco, which is a popular form of smoking in Eastern countries. Maybe someone on my Christmas list will be getting one of these this year.

After visiting the shop, I decided to find out a little more about herbal highs and how they differ to illegal drugs. I discovered that the products that Shiva stock are naturally clean, thoroughly tested, and don’t contain chemicals that destroy the body. This can eliminate comedowns and can prevent side effects from occurring the following day.

British hiking destinations

Maybe I’m getting older, but one of the most appealing sporting activities that I like to partake in is hiking. Many people from London take this activity for granted, and in my opinion they don’t know what they are missing. Although there may be few places in the city to take a walk, apart from the royal gardens, there are plenty of places in the UK that are full of stunning landscapes that can provide the perfect backdrops for a long walk.

One of the most amazing places is Dartmoor. This area in the South West region of England is a protected landscape that provides miles and miles of untouched moorland. I think that one of the most striking aspects of this landscape is the granite outcrops and tors, which are natural structures that offer a huge contrast to other national parks in the country.

I’ve found that walking on Dartmoor can certainly be a challenge, and it is not recommended for people who don’t have a lot of experience with hiking. It can be easy to get lost in the dense fog and swampland areas, which means that a compass and map should always be an essential part of your kit when taking a hike on the moors.

Anyway, people like me who enjoy seeing the countryside in all its natural glory should take a trip down to Dartmoor. It’s about a four-hour drive from London, or can be reached by bus from Plymouth.

The artificial date

I’ve recently read a statistic that stated that by 2020 over 50% of all new relationships would have started on the internet. I’ve had some very positive experiences of online dating and although I used to frown upon the act, I’ve begun to warm up to the idea of ‘artificial dating’ as a valid way to meet a partner.

Why did I decide to partake in online dating? Well, firstly I am a very busy man and as I’ve grown older it has been harder and harder to meet a partner. This is mainly due to work commitments and because I work from 8.30am until 5.30pm. When I do meet someone out and about, it sometimes takes a few meetings before I realise that we have nothing in common and that there is no future to the relationship.

When I’ve signed up to online dating websites, I have been able to upload details about myself such as my hobbies and personal interests. This information is then cross referenced with a bank of other clients to find the most suitable person for me. This certainly prevents a large portion of the awkwardness of first dates. I’ve also found another benefit to be that the dating process can begin via IM, which makes the ‘first date’ a more comfortable and free experience, with little pressure.

In conclusion, I’ll certainly be taking more of an active interest in the online dating community in the future, and definitely won’t judge those who use these services to find a loved one.

The day I needed Edwards Hoyle

I never thought I would ever need a personal injury lawyer in my life. I always thought that was something for people who get seriously injured while at work or who suffer a whiplash injury in a car crash.

Then about six months ago, my mother and I went for a walk in the park one Sunday afternoon. The footpath had an apparently solid cement surface so I certainly didn’t anticipate what came next. My mother suddenly just let out a screech and sank to her knees, holding her leg in pain.

What apparently happened was that she stepped into a big hole in the footpath, which someone had amateurishly tried to fix with a thin layer of cement. She was in quite a lot of pain so I took her to the doctor. It turned out that she had actually broken her ankle. Eventually the whole experience cost her a pretty penny and she went through quite a lot of pain.

What really angered me was when I visited the Council about the whole affair. They were just not interested. The guy sort of said that if she watched where she was going, it wouldn’t have happened in the first place. So in the end I gave it up and, after sleeping on the whole thing, decided to contact personal injury lawyers Edwards Hoyle.

What I liked about these guys was that they actually listened to my mother. They asked many questions and one could immediately tell they have lots of experience in matters such as this. When they eventually decided that we had a good case, I was even happier to hear that it wasn’t going to cost me a penny. If we win the case, they will claim their costs from the opposing side (the Council) and if we lose, there will be nothing to pay on our side.

We are still waiting for the outcome of the case, but so far I am very impressed with the service we have been receiving from the solicitors. It just feels good to know there’s someone who is prepared to fight your case against the bullies, if you know what I mean.