The complexities of decorating

I’ve lived in my house a while now, but never really bothered with the décor, I haven’t really noticed it to be honest. However, a few members of my friends and family have begun to comment on the ‘dinginess’ of my living room so I decided to give it a lick of paint; people decorate all the time so how hard can it be?

As I have never really done this kind of thing before; I’ve helped out friends but they have been in charge; I enlisted the advice of a mate who is always doing some kind of DIY, and discovered it is a little more complicated than I first thought. I mentioned that I was going to pick up some paint and he gave me a whole list of items and tools that I would apparently need as well; anyone would think I was starting a painting business rather than just doing one room based on the length of the list I was given.

I trotted off to the DIY store and returned feeling pretty proud of myself; no one need know that it was actually a young lad from the decorating section who had found it all for me and I had only chosen the paint…which proved to be the wrong choice anyway.

Mate – “Are you doing the bathroom too?”

Me (puzzled) – “ No, why?”

Him – “This is bathroom paint and not enough for one wall anyway”

Me – “Oh”

Back to the shop I went, and managed to get the right type of paint in a sufficient quantity due to help from the young decorating expert again.

Eventually we managed to swathe my living room in dust sheets, apply masking tape where required and crack on with the painting; three coats later and the dingy living room has a new lease of life. I now own a lot of painting related paraphernalia, but in all likelihood it’ll stay where it is in the shed for the foreseeable future.

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