September, speeding towards us like an arrow from God.

Bloody hell the days, weeks, months and years go faster all the time.

Remember as a kid when the summer holidays seemed like a life time, that’s mainly because it was a life time! It was more like eight weeks back then, and you had only a few months of life experience anyway.

By the time you hit your teens you’re putting so much effort into growing that you can’t think of anything (other than sex, but chances are you aren’t getting any with anyone other than yourself). You lie in bed all the time and that gift of time seems to draaaaag as all the grown ups are telling you to make a deal out of your life.

Bugger me. Are humans just programmed to ignore everything that happens around them until it actually bites them?

I’m far from old but already I realise that there were so many lessons out there for the taking that I just paid no heed to.

Perhaps I should sit down and plan the year ahead. Actually have things in mind that I want to do, and then go and do them. Take holidays away in places that I really want to visit. Try to shrug off my stupid dislike of flights that take more than three hours. Go to America. Asia. South America.

I also want to buy a stupid cool car. I always want to do that.

But whatever happens. Tomorrow is September. Again.