Rants and Raves: What happened to Christmas?

What the hell went wrong with society that we no longer know how to celebrate Christmas? Do you still remember how Christmas was spent when you were a child? How does it compare to the way you spend Christmas now?

Perhaps I am just getting old, but with every passing Christmas I experience a little less of the joy that the day always held for me. I know it has been said a million times, so saying it once more probably won’t make much of a difference: the whole thing has become so bloody commercial.

When I was growing up, which wasn’t that long ago, the extended family always came over for Christmas. And I don’t mean the odd one or two of them. I mean tons of them. Family would visit from far away, sometimes for a week or two, bringing with them carloads of cousins to play with.

It’s amazing how we enjoyed those days without any iPads or PlayStations. We just had ourselves and we often had to invent clever games to pass the time.

I will also never forget the magic of a real Christmas tree. Not the minute plastic ones that often pass for Christmas trees nowadays, but a real, big one – big enough for the whole family to gather around and experience the excitement of small gifts from various family members. Most of those gifts would probably be passed off as insignificant trinkets in today’s world, but to us they had real meaning because they came from the heart of someone whom you had shared many great hours with.


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