Moving sucks

This is the rant and rave section and I’m in the mood to have a go!

I guess I’m not actually having a go at anyone or anything in particular.  What’s got my goat is moving.  I HATE moving, even if it’s to a nicer place.  Despite never being that much of a materialist, I seem to have obtained a huge amount of worthless rubbish in my time: magazines, DVDs, books, little trinkets from travelling, etc, etc.  They add up so quickly it’s ridiculous.  I thought packing to move would be a one week job at the maximum but it looks like it’s going to take HOURS.

My mates insisted that I should label everything so I don’t lose track of it, so I went to to pick up some bits to help get everything organised.  Even just sticking labels on all the boxes seemed to take hours.  I could have labelled at least four of the boxes “Stuff that I don’t really need to take with me and should probably get rid of.”   How does something like labelling take that long?

It’s amazing in a way just how much rubbish a man can build up in ten years.  Obviously I don’t want to sound too bitter as the new place looks great and I’m really happy to be going, but it’d be absolutely great just to have a magic wand, wave it and for all of the moving to be done.  I’m obviously excited, but I could really do without all this damn packing!

Here’s hoping I lighten up a bit when everything’s done!

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