Distance learning courses

I personally hate it when people make excuses for not doing what they want to do.  I mean, it’s really not that difficult!  Most people who complain about their jobs always find a reason to convince themselves that they can’t find anything new, but how many of them actually try?

In order to land the job of your dreams, you have to work for it.  It’s a simple formula.  I recently read that people who hold a degree will earn roughly £70,000 more than those who don’t for every ten years of employment.  This is a phenomenal amount of cash that’s certainly worth the three years of training.

Anyway, no more excuses.  In recent years, so many distance learning courses have become available over the internet.  These allow people to pay the tuition fees and then learn in their own time and to their own schedule.  This means that people will be able to bypass the traditional forms of learning, such as applying to get into a university.

So, if any of my readers want to know the secret to success, it’s effort and learning.  There are even services available over the internet, such as Marked by Teachers, which will allow people to get their papers and essays marked before they hand them in to tutors.  This is certainly a service I’d recommend in the future to my nieces and nephews.  If it means that they’ll get higher grades, then in my opinion it’s certainly worth a little spending.  It’ll all pay off in the future.

Finally solved my sleeping problem

If you know me well, you’ll be aware that I’ve been having sleeping problems recently. If the bags under my eyes and my general zombie-like appearance weren’t big enough clues, I’ve also been whingeing about it incessantly.

It’s unbelievably frustrating being unable to sleep. I can be completely and utterly exhausted and it will still take me several hours to finally drift off. It’ll feel like I’ve just closed my eyes when the alarm cuts through my relaxation and soon enough I’m back at work trying to keep my eyes open in front of a computer screen.

Feeling constantly tired is horrible. It saps your motivation to do anything after work except sit on the sofa and watch TV. Everything, even popping to the shop for some milk, seems like too much effort.

I never used to be like this, so I tried everything to beat my sleeping problem. At first I thought it must be something to do with the amount of coffee I drink. I cut right down, only to find the problem still existed and I was even more tired during the day without my caffeine fix.

I tried doing more exercise, and then I tried doing less exercise. Nothing worked.

In the end, I realised it was something incredibly simple and easy to fix that I’d never even considered before. My curtains simply needed replacing. I live in the city and I can cope with the noise, but it never goes dark in my room. There are streetlights, cars and a supermarket nearby, and they all combine to light up the house, even in the middle of the night.

My old curtains were wispy and ineffective, so I never actually managed to sleep in the dark. A little research showed me that it is important to make your room as dark as possible if you can’t sleep.

Now I have a new pair of stylish curtains that completely block out the light. The only problem now is waking up in the morning when my room is pitch black! I can live with this, however, and it feels brilliant to have my old energy back during the day.

Using the internet to learn

I was never particularly interested in my schoolwork when I was younger. I much preferred hanging around outside kicking a football about with my mates.

I know I must have written plenty of essays in my time but if you asked me to pen one now, I wouldn’t have any idea where to start.

When my niece asked me to help her to write a basic essay last week, I didn’t find it particularly easy to advise her. She’s only 11, and I enjoy helping her with schoolwork whenever I can.

It’s a little worrying that I struggle with some of her work. I can just about remember what my teacher told me, if I do a little research, but it’s amazing to think how much information must have gone in one ear and out the other when I was her age.

I’m well aware that as she gets older I’ll be less and less capable of helping her when she is struggling with homework. With this in mind, I decided to see if I could refresh some of the old skills I learned at school and university.

Looking around the internet, I found some excellent advice to help students to prepare when writing an essay or assignment. There are countless websites offering help, and all the information you could possibly need is within easy reach using a search engine. If this kind of information and advice had been available when I was at school, I think I’d have done a little better.

For now, I can just about scrape by helping my niece. This little episode has had the positive effect of inspiring me to try and make the most of the internet and spend a little more time educating myself.

I may even take up an evening course to help me remember the basics. I’ll obviously be a little rusty in whatever I choose to do, but maybe I could do a course that would improve my skills for my line of work.

It’s reassuring to know that I, and my niece and nephew for that matter, will always be able to find useful advice online about solving a problem with writing an essay or researching a topic.

Teaching yourself a foreign language

I’m a big fan of home learning. Some people think you have to pay over the odds for classes, or take expensive courses. This is simply not true for people who have sufficient willpower.

I taught myself to play the guitar without spending a penny on tuition, and recently I’ve been learning a foreign language. Technology has made it easier than ever to learn at your own convenience, and I heartily recommend home education. As a guide, here’s how I’ve been learning Spanish:

  • The first thing to do is find some resources. You don’t have to spend a lot, but if you have money to spare then you may choose to do so. There are some excellent pieces of software, such as Rosetta Stone, but these can be very expensive. Try to find them second hand to save money.
  • Audio lessons and podcasts are also available. I’ve been making extensive use of these cheap products, and they are great for learning on the go. Phone apps are also great for mobile learning.
  • I read as many websites as I can in the foreign language, and this is probably the most effective and cheapest thing I do. You can access newspapers in practically any language, and this is both great practice and free! Don’t forget to keep a dictionary to hand for tricky words.
  • Practicing your skills is also important. The more you think in a different language, the more you will understand it. Listen in to other people’s conversations and try to translate them in your head. This is great practice and you might even get to hear some gossip!

It takes commitment and practice to teach yourself a skill such as learning a language, but technological advances have made it easier than ever to do it by yourself.

Where to find essay help

I think that getting essay help is very important in order to improve marks. One service that I would recommend to people is Marked by Teachers. This service can be found online and is a website that connects students to teachers who specialise in their specific subjects.

I have a niece and nephew, and l certainly want them to be able to perform as well as they can in school, college and university. I am using Marked by Teachers so that I’ll be able to help my niece and nephew out by providing them with feedback and advice on how to increase their marks.

I believe that one of the benefits of getting essay help from Marked by Teachers is that the service allows people to download a large number of different essays from previous students. This means that they will not only be able to get ideas to help with their own essays but will be also able to figure out how to increase their marks.

One of the most beneficial elements of this site is definitely the peer review service. When I used this part of the website, I was able to get a large amount of feedback from different students. I’m pretty convinced that Marked by Teachers will be able to increase grades. One of the best bits about using the website is that the service is easy to use; people can sign up within a few minutes and start viewing the study materials.

Are kids getting smarter?

Exam grades among kids are constantly improving. I think one of the main reasons for this is because of the internet and the resources that children have access to these days. When I was a kid, we never had Wikipedia, Google, or instant responses to any question that would have been required when revising or doing homework. Instead I remember having to trawl through books and encyclopaedias to find broad explanations of the given subject.

I don’t have any resentment towards the latest generation of kids, and as an uncle of two I certainly want to see the kids in my family perform well. This is why I will happily help them out when it comes to revising for exams. Upon looking online, I discovered a website called Marked by Teachers. I’ve found this website’s services to be top notch. The site will provide kids who are studying for their A-levels and GCSEs with example essays in any subject, and will even mark coursework and give invaluable feedback to the individual.

If anybody who reads my blog has younger family members who are currently studying for exams, I would certainly recommended this website. I don’t like to think of it as taking a shortcut or cheating, as the kids these days have a much better knowledge of the online world than us older lot. Sites such as these just make information more readily available and in one singular place, so what is the difference anyway?