I found the perfect way to improve my essay writing

As you are probably aware by now, I’m a businessman and I work in the finance sector.  I completed my formal university education a few years ago.  As you are also no doubt aware, however, in today’s fast changing environment it is absolutely imperative to keep up to date with the latest developments in one’s field.

This is why I have, in a certain sense, become a perpetual student.  I am always enrolled for one or other further education course.  Right now I am studying advanced financial budgeting through a distance learning institution in London.

The only thing about this that really bugs me is that studying inevitably involves writing essays – and I hate doing that.  Even if I know the subject fairly well, for some reason I often find it very difficult to get started.  It’s as if the right words just won’t come.

That’s why I started searching for someone to help me with writing essays.  And one day, after a Google search, I stumbled upon the perfect essay-writing partners.  These guys are called MBT and I’ve learned more about essay writing from them than I ever knew was possible.

They have thousands of essays on every subject under the sun on their website, and all of these essays have been written by highly qualified staff members.  There are also numerous teacher-critiqued essays on the site with very helpful notes, comments and summaries.

I use the ideas, advice and inspiration I get from MBT to help me write my own essays, virtually on a daily basis.

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