iPhone gambling – is there anything it can’t do?

I love technology, but sometimes I can’t help but think it’s going too far.  The iPhone shouldn’t even be called a phone any more – it’s a whole entertainment system!  There is literally nothing that it can’t do.  One of the best elements of the iPhone is the vast array of online features that it has.  Not only can the iPhone provide people like myself with hours and hours of entertainment, but it can also make you some money!

It’s no secret that I’m a fairly keen gambler.  I don’t deny it.  With the iPhone, I’m even able to gamble cash through real casinos.  I don’t get as much time as I’d like to gamble over the internet, so for me, the new features that are iPhone compatible are perfect.

Most online casino websites are now providing customers with applications that they can download to their smart phones.  This is perfect for people like me who find it difficult to visit a real casino, and now the apps allow people to play casino games whenever and wherever they please.

I’m still very much in credit when it comes to my gambling.  In fact, to me it’s not even as if there’s any risk.  I have various systems in place that seem to work to my advantage most of the time, and I’m very glad to see that these things are still working in my favour.

Anyway, enough about that.  I have a game of blackjack queued up and ready to go!

How www.ipsyforex.com can help improve stock trading odds

An online brokerage is a very common way of trying to make a bit of cash on the internet. I have been using the Forex demo account in order to improve my skills and understanding for when I begin operating a real account using a specific method. The way I have improved at the process is by learning the functionality of a trading program using demo accounts, and then put in a small investment to test my strategies in a real life trading situation.

One of the most import aspects of making money through an online brokerage is to check the history of the market. I always make sure that I thoroughly study the market I’m interested in and then compare it to my specific method. Upon detailed analysis of the stock market, I’ve discovered that some of my methods would have made me money over the past year if I put in real cash; however, this is not to say that it will work this year. For me, the next logical step is to invest money into the real brokerage system and see where it takes me.

Some people wonder how much time I spend using my www.ispyforex.com account and ask when I should start to invest real cash. There is no straight answer to this question. In these circumstances I will always reply with the same answer: “You’ll know when you know.” I’d certainly recommend easing into the system. This is why when the time comes to begin applying my methods to a real trading account, I’ll be dealing with small markets that have minimal risks.

Getting my gaming fix online

I’m not much of a gamer, or at least not a console gamer. If I ever do need a gaming fix, I’ll opt to use online casinos. I’m not really sure why, as I’m not a huge fan of gambling in high street casinos. I guess there is something I enjoy about the freedom of sitting in my own house, in my own time, and gambling money without actually seeing myself lose a physical product. I know this is ridiculous.

Anyway, one of the most frustrating things about the internet is the excessive bombardment of online casino advertisements. It’s just one of those things that reminds me that I have accounts open with a few different companies and whilst it may not be great business for the casino website that is actually advertising, I certainly tend to log in to old accounts and gamble a few pennies here and there.

Although I’m not a seasoned professional and wouldn’t say that I use a specific strategy, I must admit that I am pretty good! I may not earn regular and consistent money, but I’m certainly in credit from all of my gambling ventures; even on the odd occasions when I do make a loss, I always seem to win my money back with a little more on top. Again, I must stress that I realise that this is dangerous territory.

The main element of online gambling to be aware of is knowing when to stop. Many of my friends have got greedy, and then blamed the website for their financial loses. I can quote most of them in roughly the same way: “I was in credit, but then I lost it all in a few moves.” I always sigh when I hear this, as I realise that these types of people are the reason why the online casino business is such a booming industry. In short, I must say that if any of my readers are considering online gambling, take my advice: I know my limit, I know when to stop, and – most importantly – I’ll blame myself if I end up losing anything!

Gambling on the move

I’m not much of a gamer, or a gambler, but Mansion Casino is a website that I commonly use to make the time pass faster. One of the benefits – and dangers – is that the website is compatible with iPhones and other smartphone devices. This means that I am able to gamble and play a bit of blackjack wherever and whenever I please.

One of the main things I have found since using the service is that so many general things in life remind me of blackjack. Sometimes I’ll be out and about in the city and will see things that make me want to play. This can be anything from the number 21 on a building to a pack of playing cards being sold in a shop. I realise this could pose a danger to my finances, as more often than not I tend to give in to my cravings and have a gamble.

I guess I’m pretty lucky, considering that I am still vastly in credit from playing. I have friends who don’t know when to stop and who will play and play until they lose all of their winnings – and more – in just a couple of moves.

I’m not saying that gambling is a valid way to earn money; however, it can certainly contribute. I personally just like the adrenaline rush of placing real money on the table, and I think that the fun element is one of the most overlooked aspects of gambling and where many people go wrong.

One of the best features of playing online is that I don’t feel the pressure that I get when I’m in a real casino. This is because staff and spectators are not breathing down my neck, which can be very off-putting and usually causes me to make rash decisions.

Gaming: just keep it for fun

About a month ago, I wrote a short blog about my love for playing blackjack on my laptop or iPad, and even sometimes on the phone. I also expressed the opinion that casinos were mainly booze venues for late-night drinking.

I’ve received a ton of emails since complaining about my discriminatory practices against “real gaming” as opposed to “virtual gaming”.

Okay, I will admit I might have been wrong this time. But do you really think the bird will allow me to spend my nights in a ‘real’ casino? She considers my odd venture into the world of online gaming as an idiosyncrasy, but don’t make a mistake, if I should ever start gambling seriously I will soon have a very angry woman on my hands. And you haven’t seen her yet when she’s angry. If you thought God was a bit harsh on Sodom and Gomorrah you haven’t seen real anger yet.

Anyway, coming back to the gaming thing, I just have one rule in this regard: keep it strictly for fun. I’m not saying I will never risk a cent on an online game, but if you expect me to hand over my hard-earned booze money to a fat-cat casino owner you will wait a very long time indeed.

There’s no doubt the odd reader who is able to make a full-time living from gaming, whether online or in a ‘real’ casino. I’m certainly not one of them. For me it’s strictly about enjoying myself. I have a budget and when that runs out, I’m out of there. I’m sure that approach will allow me to stay in the game long after the guys who spend their pay cheque in the casino at the end of every month have all been killed by their birds

Cards. Online.

The bird read my blogs to date.


Fortunately she laughed at my confession of lust after yet another luscious lesbian.

And as for my talk of swimming injuries, she made the rather harsh comment that I’m more likely to suffer a wrist injury playing cards, than a shoulder injury swimming. I just love playing Mansion Casino Blackjack and I’ll fire up the app on my iPhone more often than I fire up facebook or twitter or any of those things.

Cards. What a funny thing. I’m so cautious with my money, verging, but not quite qualifying, for tight.

Yet lay a deck in front of me, and ask me to consider my odds and I’m in heaven.

I just love the thought process. I don’t believe that I have a formula as such, but it certainly gets my brain whirring.

I can drink quite a lot when I’m playing and not really have to allow for the booze impact.

I walk steady from the table, yet then ten minutes later I’ll be drunk as a skunk.

Having said that I’m not into casinos, well, not most of them. They are definitely not what you see on the TV, most instead are seedy holes and the late night fall back for drinkers too drunk or too stupid to make their way home.

Blackjack. On the phone, iPad, laptop.

Ot if I’m at home with mum then it’ll have to be Whist. She’s a demon!